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Frequently asked questions

Will AD really save me money?

Many organisations, both large and small, have proved that integrating AD into their business can improve their bottom line, while enhancing the sustainability of their operations. Talk to our consultants and read our case studies in the read more section to find out how AD could benefit your business.

Is AD a proven technology, right now?

Germany currently has over 7,500 AD plants, which add billions of euros to their economy. Their strong position has allowed them to export their technology and expertise across Europe, and their sector has grown explosively in the last decade largely due to consistent support from government, particularly in the form of their Feed-in Tariff. Read our case studies in the read more section to discover how many successful businesses are already benefiting from AD.

What financial support is available for AD integration?

Direct financial support is available to AD projects through access to a number of government incentives, and there are also plenty of finance schemes which AD projects can apply for.

As financial partners of ADBA, Compass Renewables offer constructive advice to ADBA’s members for projects from the conceptual stage, right through to those at advanced stages of planning, and provide guidance on business plan requirements and grants, as well as arranging debt, equity and developer funding.