ADBA National Conference 2016

ADBA National Conference 2016:

New opportunities in a changing world

One Great George Street, London, 8 Dec 2016

After a tumultuous political summer, no doubt we are all looking at where there are opportunities for the AD industry and how it can deliver its global potential. This will also be the focus for the ADBA National Conference 2016, held at One Great George Street in the heart of Westminster. The conference is an opportunity for the industry to meet and discuss the drivers for change with politicians, policy makers and business leaders. And it’s your chance to find out how the UK’s changing relationship with the world and the priorities of a new government will affect your business.

The AD industry is changing too. With almost 100 waste plants, and over 200 farm plants, the UK has a strong base – the conference is a chance for operators, developers and their suppliers to discuss changes to the RHI mechanisms, farming and waste policy and developments in the water sector. It’s also where you can hear about new research and innovation proposals which aim to put the UK at the heart of the global AD industry and expand the potential of the industry around the world.

Despite constrained electricity incentives, the conference will look at where the next set of AD developments will come from. What will the government’s response to the RHI consultation mean in practice? Will a revised RTFO finally get HGVs and buses running on biomethane?  Can farming policy make up for the degressing Feed-in Tariff? Will food waste collections finally become the norm in England? What will the water companies be investing in, and will sludge market deregulation offer opportunities to the wider market? We look forward to seeing you there.

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