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ADBA R&D Forum 2015:

Will R&D double or quadruple the potential of the AD industry?

Event Exhibitors

Anaero Technology Ltd



Anaero Technology has developed equipment that speeds up and improves the quality of research on fermentation and AD, both in batch and continuous feed mode. Our equipment includes lab digesters with fully automated feeding, and BMP sets of high consistency and ease of operation.

FM BioEnergy




FM BioEnergy provide a range of services to help AD operators gain more control of their process and increase biological efficiency.

Working in partnership with the German market leaders, Schaumann BioEnergy, we provide our clients with essential advice, products and services in order to improve clients return on investment.

Gas Data

With 20 years experience in the design and manufacture of portable and fixed gas analysis instrumentation, Gas Data play a key role in the control of biogas and landfill gas. Our equipment is used on the UK’s leading biogas production sites and has helped end users increase efficiencies and revenue plus reduce downtime.




Geotech is a UK based manufacturer and global supplier of gas analysis and environmental monitoring equipment. 

Our established portfolio includes a range of ATEX certified portable landfill gas and biogas analysers, such as the GA5000 and BIOGAS 5000, renowned for their reliability and robust gas analysis technology.  Our fixed gas analyser, the GA3000 PLUS monitors pre and post desulphurization on AD plants. 

Huber Technology



Huber Technology are a supplier of wastewater treatment equipment and offer a wide range of products for enhancing the AD process.

The company’s pre-treatment technology can be used for screening, washing oversized material and removing grit and glass while its post digestion equipment is suitable for plastics removal, dewatering, digestate cleaning, and disposal treatment. Visitors can find Huber on stand 4 where they can learn more about the company’s ability to enhance the AD process.  “Recognising that customers’ processes differ, we have a range of pilot plants available for demonstrating Huber Technology on different process streams” comments Steve Morris Managing Director. 

The Knowledge Transfer Network




Established by Innovate UK to build better links between science, creativity and business, the Knowledge Transfer Network has specialist teams covering all significant sectors of the economy, from defence and aerospace to the creative industries, the built environment to biotechnology and robotics. Our expertise in connecting sectors, disciplines and skills with the right collaborations and business approach is what helps unlock the tremendous hidden value in people and companies. 

MSE Hiller & MSE Systems






MSE supply digestate dewatering and digestate treatment systems to the AD and biogas industries. Capacities from 1 to 300m3/hr can be dealt with and the wastewater can often be recycled or re‑used. Hiller dewatering centrifuges, Smicon MAS screen filters and depackaging systems, Micro Filtration MF, Reverse Osmosis RO and Mitsubishi Membrane Bio Reactor Systems MBR are all available for a modern and cost effective approach to AD digestate treatment.

Several test and demonstration units are available for process verification and proof of concept.  Rental and hire mobile plants can also be supplied for temporary sludge dewatering and digester emptying / cleaning.  The Smicon range of depackaging machines offer the possibility of producing clean organic steams (plastic and oversize particle filtering) and cleaned plastics for disposal. Further information available from our stand at the ADBA R&D Forum, call us on 01246 861166 or email on info@mandse.com


New Generation Biogas Ltd

NGB is the developer and manufacturer of the Archemax® High Throughput Anaerobic Digester. This advanced, modular, multi-stage Thermophilic system is designed specifically for on farm use and enables the profitable processing of all agricultural residues, with all energy outputs being available for on-site use.