Green seminar presentations – day two


Feedstock – separation and pre-treatment

Tijana Duric, BASF

Tony Clutten, Huber Technology

Colin Steel, Weltec Biopower


How can AD support local authority waste plans?

Brian Scheffe, Nijhuis

Alan Douglas, Cleanergy

Jacqui MacCaig, RUR3 Environmental


The future of small scale AD

David Lovett, Perceptive Engineering

Michael Thompson, RARE Technologies

David Kaner, Advanced Anaerobics

Mark Clayton, QUBE Renewables


Avenues of finanace for AD projects

Anne Laleman, Alpha Financials Environmental


Avenues of finance – the value of the AD process

Robin Szmidt, Target Renewables

Dean Herron, Aqua Enviro

Phil Gerrard, Eastern Counties Finance