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Members Directory


ROST International Trading Ltd

Inglewood House, 5 The Ridgeway Cuffley
Hertfordshire EN6 4AY
075 0066 4477

Primary Category

Service providers

Products & Services

  • ·         Supply of Bio Organic Catalysts in conjunction with Alps Ecoscience Ltd to Anaerobic Digestion Companies to increase AD plant operational efficiency.
  • ·         Supply of Bio Organic Catalysts to Compost stations to reduce odour and increase efficiency.
  • ·         Supply of bio Organic Catalysts to water companies, pulp and paper mills, swimming pool and spar operators.
  • ·         Technical support in carrying out trials of Bio Organic Catalysts.
  • ·         International finance and insurance services, project management, business plan preparation, strategic alliances for the Renewable Energy, Oil, Water and gas industries.


Rost is working in conjunction with   Alps Ecoscience ltd.  to bring their range of bio organic catalysts to market. The two companies   are currently carrying out trials in the UK and Denmark to establish comprehensive and irrefutable evidence as to the performance of their products under a range of conditions. Early results   on Anaerobic Digestion plants   indicate that the application of Bio Organic Catalysts produce  20 -30 percent more methane, a significant improvement in digestate viscosity, less odour, better quality digestate  and a  faster and more stable process all of which  can improve  economic  performance. When applied to compost, results   demonstrate beyond doubt  a dramatic decrease in odour, an increase in t composting rate, less returns or re-runs and higher composting temperatures.

Rost’s activities with Alps Ecoscience  are  part of their general business  offering financial, technical and project management services to the Oil, Gas, Renewable Energy    and Water Industries and assisting  new technology companies bring their products to market . Rost   arranges bespoke insurance services through their connections with Lloyds of London and has a network of financiers on whom we can call. We write business plans and information memoranda for companies seeking finance and insurance.     We have a trusted network of agents and strategic partners around the words enabling us to provide a comprehensive coverage.