AD features in Scotland’s first Energy Strategy

Biogas and biomethane have been mentioned in Scotland's first ever Energy Strategy, published by the Scottish Government just before Christmas.

The Strategy sets a new target for at least 50% of all Scotland's heat, transport, and electricity consumption to be supplied from renewable sources by 2030 – a target to which AD can make a particularly important contribution in heat and transport, which have proven more difficult to decarbonise than electricity. The Strategy also targets a 30% increase in energy productivity across the economy.

The Strategy notes that biogas and biomethane will have a role to play in helping to decarbonise Scotland’s energy system, and says the following about biomethane:

There are currently 13 biomethane sites in Scotland connected to the gas distribution network – producing enough gas to supply the equivalent of 85,000 homes – and there are more sites in development.


This could make an important contribution to reducing heat emissions, while having little impact on the way consumers use their appliances. It could also provide a useful role in electricity grid management, energy storage and the transport sector.

It also notes that "Low carbon gas would use the existing gas transmission and distribution infrastructure, and maintain the system’s ability to deal with significant swings in demand", though it notes that the full suite of future technologies for decarbonising heat is difficult to forecast.

To drive progress towards its new targets, the Scottish Government also revealed £80m of new investment in the energy sector - £60m for low-carbon innovation and £20m for energy investment - and confirmed plans for a publicly owned energy company.  

It also promised to publish an Annual Energy Statement, setting out the country's latest energy statistics, its progress against targets and key priorities, and an up-to-date assessment of how technological advances will impact the planned changes to the energy system.


The new Scottish Energy Strategy will be a key topic for conversation at the ADBA Scottish National Conference 2018, taking place in Glasgow on 28th February. The conference will demonstrate the potential of AD in Scotland and its contribution to Scottish business and farming, with delegates and speakers discussing the best use of biogas in Scotland, the impact of Brexit on AD investment, food waste AD capacity, and opportunities to grow AD for the benefit of business and farming communities.

You can find out more and register your place for the conference here.

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