AD industry debates the gathering momentum


 Anaerobic digestion (AD) has gained much momentum in the UK over recent years, but more needs to be done to realise its full value to the UK, according to the industry’s representative body, which is holding its annual conference today [Wednesday 14 December 2011].

Lord Redesdale, ADBA Chairman and Liberal Democrat peer said:

AD industry has a huge amount to contribute to the UK’s sustainable economy. It is unique amongst the renewables in that it provides a renewable gas and generates it constantly. It offers the best environmental treatment for food waste, preserves vital resources, generates renewable energy, and mitigates greenhouse gas emissions. A mature industry would create 35,000 jobs in both AD and related sectors, giving the economy a boost of over £2bn per year.


This is a time of enormous excitement; we have seen progress within the water industry following the OFT Market Study into Organic Waste, and the government’s indication in the recent Water White Paper that sustainability will become one of Ofwat’s core directives.


The RHI is now open for applications and will start making payments in the New Year – so it is great to have the gas distribution networks represented at the conference, and talking about how they will get green gas into their pipes. In the current financial climate where funding is so difficult to access, it is hugely significant that Ian Nolan from BIS is discussing the development of the Green Investment Bank with the AD industry for the first time today.


There is still much work to be done to realise the industry’s potential but it is of enormous economic and strategic importance for the UK to do so.

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