AD plant biology revealed - free educational event


FM BioEnergy will host a free one-day educational event, ‘Healthy Bacteria Healthy Profits’, 4 June 2014, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham. AD operators, consultants and plant builders are invited to attend the event which will reveal the biological secrets to operating a healthy AD plant.

[caption id=“attachment_20930” align=“alignleft” width=“900”] Monitoring services and nutritional products supplied by FM Bioenergy help operators gain biological control, increase methane and fast-track ROI[/caption]

Over the course of six sessions presented by leading authorities on AD plant diet, biology and nutrition, attendees will discover how they can gain more control, more methane and a faster return on ivestment (ROI).

Including success stories from food waste and agricultural plant operators, topics will cover: feedstock behaviour and gas yield potential; bacteria know-how; the importance of regular monitoring and analysis; the role of nutritional additives; as well as advice on how to fast-track optimum performance.

Getting to grips with AD plant biology is key to plant success. Biological neglect can have catastrophic results, gas yield will be limited and in the worst case scenario this can lead to complete biological breakdown,

warns Tim Elsome, FM BioEnergy Business Development Manager.

This event will give operators the tools to better manage their plant and increase their profit margins.

Expert speakers from FM BioEnergy, parent company BOCM PAULS, German product partner Schaumann and the wider AD industry - including ADBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton – will explain how to biologically optimise an AD plant.

To book a place, register online at or T +44 (0)1275 378384.

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