AD plant Category three benefits with Landia’s new Biochop


Landia’s new free-standing BioChop Hygienisation Unit mixes and heat treats Category three animal by-products so that the resulting thin substance can be used as an energy-efficient substrate in biogas plants.

Landia BioChopOrganic remnants that are reduced in size by the Biochop are liquefied, heat-treated and pumped back out as a valuable raw material in closed pipes by one highly efficient process to an AD storage tank or tanker for transportation to a biogas plant.

In addition to significant cost savings on labour, transport and disposal. Landia’s Biochop minimises foul odours and prevents pests from entering residual products.

Suitable for AD operators, especially in enabling them to use Category three animal by-products as part of their feedstock, BioChop can also be bring benefits when installed for the poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable processing industries.

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