ADBA assess potential impact of smart cities on circular economy

ADBA Chief Executive, Charlotte Morton, will be speaking at this morning’s (05/03/15) Resource event on the future potential impact on the circular economy. The panel session, which starts at 11am in the #ThinkCircular theatre at the ExCel Centre in London, will assess how circularity can be embedded into smart cities in a manner that is harmonious with urban ecosystems and city living.

Commenting earlier this morning, Charlotte said:

The circular economy should be at the centre of smart cities. As populations increase, economic growth can only be sustainable if we better manage resources.

For food waste that means urban design which supports high quality recycling. Planners should look to support residents to minimise waste and maximise energy and nutrient recovery through anaerobic digestion.

With cities like London breaching air quality limits, biomethane also has an important role to play in cutting emissions as lorry and bus operators move towards gas vehicles.

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