ADBA Member ElectraTherm exceeds 10 years of fleet runtime


ElectraTherm, a leader in waste heat to power generation, has surpassed 87,600 hours run time on its installed units, 10 years of hourly operation. ElectraTherm’s Green Machine fleet spans the globe with 21 commissioned units. Applications range from internal combustion engines at biogas and prime power sites, to low-temperature geothermal, solar thermal and more.

The 87,600 hour mark is just one of many highlights since the commercialisation of the Series 4000 Green Machine, launched in 2011. ElectraTherm’s Series 4000 generates up to 65 kWe from low temperature waste heat (77-116 °C / 170-240 °F), the most widely deployed organic rankine cycle (ORC) technology operating at such low temperatures at this scale. Since commercialisation, ElectraTherm has commissioned Series 4000 machines around the world, and recently published a fleet map showing the installed base on the Company website here.

Other recent milestones include an award of nearly $1 million grant from the Department of Energy to generate low temperature geothermal power with a containerised Green Machine. Additionally, ElectraTherm announced its partnership with the Navy’s Mobile Utilities Support Equipment (MUSE) group to package an ORC/internal combustion engine in a 40-foot container.

ElectraTherm’s Green Machine generates fuel-free, emission-free power from waste heat through ORC and proprietary technologies. Hot water enters the Green Machine where it heats a working fluid into pressurised vapor. As the vapor expands, it drives ElectraTherm’s patented twin screw power block, which spins an electric generator and produces up to 65 kWe.

John Fox, ElectraTherm’s Chief Executive Officer said:

“Ten years of operational run time is a testament to ElectraTherm’s proven ORC technology, and it’s only strengthened by our fleet’s 98% availability.


In the past few years, we have seen a proliferation of start-ups in various R&D stages addressing the ORC market. It takes a significant amount of effort to transition from a concept or test unit to a fullycommercial, diversified product line. We are confident in our market position as the leading small-scale ORC technology with robust, patented and proven technology.”

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