ADBA quoted in Financial Times

ADBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton was quoted in an article in the Financial Times last week following the Chancellor's announcement that the government will seek to increase the amount of green gas injected into the gas grid.

In last week's Sping Statement the government committed to increasing the proportion of green gas in the grid in order to decarbonise the UK’s heat supply and pledged a consultation to explore the appropriate mechanism for doing so.

ADBA issued a press statement welcoming the announcement and highlighting the need for long-term support for biomethane once the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) ends to new applicants in 2021. The Financial Times referred to ADBA's statement in the below article, in which it refers to biomethane as one such green gas.

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The announcement is hugely encouraging for the biomethane industry, and ADBA will be working hard with policymakers to ensure the consultation is published as soon as possible.

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