ADBA to emphasise importance of food waste collections at select committee


ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton will emphasise the importance of food waste collections as she gives evidence to the House of Lords EU Sub Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries, Environment and Energy tomorrow (11 December).

Speaking before the evidence session, Charlotte Morton said:

‘Food waste’ is a misnomer – we should see it as a resource with incredible value, both in the energy and nutrients it contains.


As we know, anaerobic digestion is the best treatment option for inedible food, reducing carbon emissions, producing extremely flexible low-carbon energy and producing a biofertiliser to recycle the nutrients and organic matter back to land.


Policies to support anaerobic digestion fit well with policies to reduce food waste – which has to be the main goal wherever possible. Source segregating food waste has achieved reductions in food waste arisings and ensures high quality recycling both of food waste and other materials.

Charlotte will appear before the committee at 11:30am on Wednesday 11 December.

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