BioWayste £2m high rate AD plant to treat Brocklesby Ltd effluent steams


Brocklesby Ltd (North Cave near Hull) have chosen BioWayste as its exclusive partner to run and manage the 40,000 ton p.a. AD plant on its seven acre site. Six high rate reactors along with CHP engines will provide Brocklesby with 75% of its current electricity usage, all generated from waste products currently being tankered from site.

Rob Brocklesby, Managing Director, said:

It makes great sense for Brocklesby to continue the process of recycling already at the North Cave Plant with BioWayste AD technology. Not only are we removing tankers from the local road infrastructure we are reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by making green energy from waste on our own site.


Brocklesby have invested heavily in the North Cave plant over recent years, creating many local jobs. This AD plant will help our carbon reduction programme and will provide more local employment opportunities, save us money and provide long term, sustainable green energy.

Financed and operated by BioWayste, the plant will allow Brocklesby to receive a secure green energy supply from its waste without the need to diversify from their core business. BioWayste AD plants have small footprints, fitting neatly within the expanding Brocklesby site. As the technology is a modular system of high rate reactors with the ability to expand the plant alongside the Brocklesby business model, BioWayste are able to service the current stream and grow with Brocklesby’s aspirations. All of the BioWayste technology is pre-fabricated and arrives on site ready for plug and play installation, further increasing the sustainability of the total solution. It also reduces installation time thereby giving Brocklesby larger savings with early green electricity production.

David Orme, Sales Manager for BioWayste commented:

“We are delighted to be working with Brocklesby on this project and six year partnership to make green electricity and heat from their final effluent waste. Working with other partners including the Environment Agency and Yorkshire Water, we aim to provide a fully automated and controlled service using locally recruited trained operatives and management.


Like Brocklesby we are committed to clean, green and sustainable energy whilst minimising the impact on the site concerned. Using AD to treat their effluent stream compliments the existing business model; recycling and reusing food waste products from across the UK. The main Brocklesby Plant will now be able to use green energy to assist in their already sustainable business further reducing their carbon footprint.


This is excellent for both the environment and local infrastructure, giving long term cost benefits to Brocklesby without the need for them to have a further process to manage. A genuine win-win situation”.

Both Brocklesby and BioWayste assist a large number of food and beverage companies with their waste management. This plant will ensure that many of Brocklesby’s clients will know that the final destination for their waste will be in green electricity production and will only add to their whole food chain sustainability credentials.

BioWayste will be at UK AD & Biogas 2013, 3-4 July at Birmingham NEC showcasing its anaerobic digestion plants on stand E101.


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