Bock UK showcases two-in-one silage sheet


A new way to cover silage clamps quickly and simply without compromising on quality is being showcased by Bock at UK AD & Biogas 2014.

The company’s Kombi2plus product combines the high quality, extremely tough, silage sheet (sold separately as the 800% silage film) and underlay film on the same roll.

In one effortless movement both covers can be laid by the operator, saving time and eliminating the need to walk on either sheet.

Business development manager, Will Wilson, said:

This is the latest product in a string of new innovations which Bock is bringing to the UK market.


We have over 30 years’ experience in Germany with silage clamps and sheeting and we know the Kombi2plus will be as popular over here as it has been abroad.

Once the clamp has been compacted farmers can simply unroll the sheet and, in one move, lay both the underlay and silage sheet. Mr Wilson added:

Putting both films on at once means no-one has to walk over the laid sheets which can damage the underlayer.

Both should be pulled over the side wall film to create a perfect airtight seal to reduce silage losses. Delivered direct from Germany the film is folded onto the roll so it can be pulled apart from both sides.

The silage film is extra strong and 115 microns thick and the exposed surface of the film is white, unlike most conventional films in the UK.

The transparent underlay film is 35 microns and together the two-in-one sheet offers maximum protection against damage and perfect UV-stability as well as acting as an oxygen barrier.

Bock is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing silage clamps, accessories and cover products and is rapidly growing in the UK market.

Its patented 23-degree sloping-wall clamp has been widely taken up by the renewable energy sector for use in on-farm anaerobic digestion plants because of its operator safety, ease of use and most importantly ability to increase silage compression.

It is also finding favour with livestock and dairy farmers.

Visit stand E063 in hall 3 at UK AD & Biogas 2014 to learn more about Bock’s unique design and associated products.

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