Congratulations to all local election and mayoral winners

By Jon Harrison, ADBA External Affairs Manager

ADBA warmly congratulates all successful mayoral candidates and councillors elected in yesterday's local and mayoral elections. As the winners turn to their new responsibilities, we will be highlighting to them the important role of AD in supporting local economies and helping solve the problem of food waste.         

AD is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution to dealing with much of what we think of as “waste”. Instead of burning it, or sending it to landfill, AD plants could potentially turn that waste into 30% of the UK’s household gas or electricity demand.        

This means less waste to landfill, stable energy prices, and fewer carbon dioxide emissions – with 35,000 potential jobs too.   

It is not just locally in the UK that AD can have a positive impact. We estimate that the potential export value of AD technology is over £2 billion per year.     

The potential global AD market is estimated to be worth £1 trillion – a market the UK is in an excellent position to contribute to and benefit from. This would also contribute to achieving our aims under the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.        

ADBA looks forward to working with the new councillors and mayors. We will be in particular encouraging local authorities to comply with the food waste hierarchy, ensuring that the amount of recyclable material intended to be burned or sent to landfill is lowered, and instead can be used to produce clean, green local energy to help power the UK.        

We will also be working to put members in touch with elected representatives so they can see first hand how AD can help boost the UK economy.      

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