Converting biogas Co2 into methane

The Guardian reported this weekend on using waste co2 from biogas plants to produce additional methane, in combination with hydrogen produced from waste electricity generation. This kind of project will become increasingly important as the intermittancy of the electricity grid increases. They refer to the  Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES) proposal to build a demonstration plant to establish the technolgogy. See here for further details.

We also know that the Wales Centre of Anaerobic Digestion is also looking at this. For more on this see here  for further details.

These are excellent examples of the potential to make use of all the feedstock which could really boost the industry in the longer term.

We're always keen to hear of the work going on in areas like this so please let me know if you want to share. We're keen to support projects of this nature.

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