Crop operators to emphasise best practice

ADBA’s crop operators group met in Cambridge last week, to discuss the key issues affecting the operation and development of crop-based anaerobic digestion.

The group is keen to lead work over the coming year to share best practice, and demonstrate the very positive contribution the industry is making to farming as well as to UK Government renewable energy and climate change targets in particular. Members also want to show government and the wider public that they take a responsible approach to managing land for AD crops, and that there are multiple benefits to growing crops for AD. As such, the group agreed to:

  • Get a director of each company to sign a statement confirming that they and their suppliers grow crops for AD in accordance with the best practice guidelines launched by ADBA in 2014
  • Provide case studies demonstrating the positive impact of integrating AD on wider farm productivity
  • Look over the longer term at how to report and demonstrate the industry’s contribution to sustainable farming through the data ADBA collects


In addition, the group will act as a forum for sharing best practice in a number of areas, including plant performance, health & safety and digestate use. Members will also support ADBA’s general data collection efforts, to ensure high quality information is available for policy development and industry knowledge sharing.

Full minutes from the meeting will be circulated to the group shortly. For any further information about the group, please contact Wayne via

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