Edina supports local businesses in disposal of food waste


Swancote AD plantEdina has been involved with several anaerobic digestion projects across the country as part of its on-going commitment and competitive contribution to the industry. Working with farmers and AD supply companies such as Marches Biogas, MT Energie, Projen and Binowa among others, gensets have been supplied to Swancote Energy, Wykey Farm, Wigley Farm, and Pancross Farm (S Wales) over the last 24 months.

The success of the MWM TCG2016(V12) at Swancote Energy, initially running on a feedstock of maize and grass silage helped to facilitate the expansion of the site to include food and drink waste and the processing of Category three animal by-product. This prompted the delivery of the 1.5 MWe MWM TCG2020(V16) with the two engines now producing 2.1 MWe. Edina offers full product support, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum through a dedicated nationwide team of engineers. Swancote now handles 38,000 metric tonnes food waste per year.

Other projects handle a variety of food, effluent and other waste with similarly high results of efficiency, reliability and uptime in excess of 95%.

With employees from the farming community Edina is particularly aware of the challenges faced by the industry today and the need for sound investment and diversification. With a thorough knowledge of the process from finance, planning and to grid connection and beyond Edina can provide expert technical advice and continuing support.

Edina are delighted to have won the contract to supply the MWM TCG2016(V12) to Lea Hall Farm for delivery in the Autumn and look forward to continuing to work with them on their preparation.

As the exclusive distributor for MWM in the UK since 2006 and involved in power generation for over 25 years, Edina has a proven track record from design, packaging, and project management to servicing, monitoring and after-care.

Larger scale waste treatment enterprises include projects with Biffa, Bio-Collectors, Cory Environmental, Shanks and Malaby to name but a few. The MWM range of 500 – 2 MWe is proving a popular choice with unbeatable longevity and efficiency. On the UK’s largest waste Anaerobic Digestion facility at Cannock, Edina have installed three 2 MWe containerised units which are operating at full output.

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