ENER-G showcases CHP biogas and digester gas generation solutions at UK AD and Biogas 2014


CHP, biogas generation and anaerobic digestion (AD) expert ENER-G will demonstrate its proven technologies and complete end-to-end management expertise and funding capabilities at UK AD and Biogas 2014  (2-3 July 2014) on stand B031.

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ENER-G has manufactured, installed and operates in excess of 120 MW of biogas power generation from anaerobic digestion, wastewater, landfill and associated gases.

ENER-G is a leading specialist in biogas utilisation, with a number of AD projects in operation within farming, food and drink, dairy and municipal waste sectors. The company also has vast experience of generating high value power and heat from sewage, including its 4.5 MWe biogas cogeneration system at the Budapest wastewater treatment plant and numerous CHP wastewater projects in partnership with UK water companies

ENER-G’s flexible financing menu includes a capital purchase option; medium and long term leasing of generating plant; a shared ROC/FIT scheme; and fully financed and managed options. This includes a complete outsourced and fully funded AD service, incorporating the design, installation and operation of anaerobic digestion renewable energy facilities.

Because ENER-G will finance the complete AD project, there is no upfront cost or financial risk to the customer. ENER-G recovers its investment by sharing savings with the customer over the contract period, with the customer receiving 20-50% of the annual savings.

ENER-G’s AD package is suitable for a variety of industrial processors, such as brewing, distilling, soft drinks, dairy, bakery and many other sectors. It is open to processing facilities of all sizes, but the minimum requirement to qualify for funding is a liquid effluent stream of at least 3,000 kg of COD (chemical oxygen demand) per day. For smaller projects, funded options on CHP technology may be available.

ENER-G is a UK business providing a complete end-to-end biogas generation service. With its in-house design, engineering, manufacturing and service teams, the company can meet the most complex customer briefs within tight timescales and budgets.

Its award winning technologies are powering renewable energy AD projects at North British Distillery and BV Dairy

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