Exciting phosphorus innovation at Severn Trent

Severn Trent has announced that it is evaluating six technologies to reduce phosphorus in its waste water. 

Working with partners at Packington STW in Leicestershire, Severn Trent is currently evaluating:

  • Pile Cloth Media Filtration;
  • Membrane Filtration;
  • Ballasted Coagulation;
  • Nano-particle Embedded Ion Exchange;
  • Immobilised Algal Bioreactor; and
  • Absorption Media Reed Beds.

This is really exciting news as it shows the development of many of these technologies from the research to the commercial stage of development. These are the technologies that have been talked about by the research community for many years, so for them to now be tested at this Sewage Treatment Works is a real step forward. The AD Network held an event on anaerobic membranes earlier this year.

Cranfield University has been researching many of these systems for Severn Trent. Cranfield University will be speaking on a different area of research at our UK AD & Biogas Research and Innovation Hub

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