Kirk set to improve Wanlip STW


Kirk Environmental has begun construction at the Wanlip Sewerage Treatment Works in Leicestershire for Severn Trent Water.

Wanlip STW is one of Severn Trent’s major sewage treatment facilities and treats domestic and industrial waste from inhabitants and factories in Leicester and satellite villages. The site covers nearly 40 hectares and it is designed to serve a population of approx. 900,000.

The project was awarded to KIRK in February and consists of six Epoxy Coated Steel Digester Tanks with stainless steel top rings and roofs, each with a volume capacity of 4,222m³. The project will also include some access steelwork with a 900mm wide walkway leading to a 4m diameter central access platform. Access around the full perimeter of the roofs will also be provided with a 900mm wide access platform.

The Wanlip STW has been using equipment from the 1960s to treat sewage sludge and produce gas which has been providing power for the site. The upgrading of the plant with KIRK’s industry-leading anaerobic digestion tanks will improve the efficiency of dealing with the sewage sludge and generate renewable energy by harnessing the methane that is created when sewage sludge breaks down. Severn Trent has been required by Ofwat to improve their environmental responsibilities at more of their sites by 2015 and the package offered by KIRK at Wanlip was the perfect solution to kick starts their improvements.

KIRK has recently added a seventh opened top digester to the site, making sure it will become an effective state-of-the-art anaerobic digestion plant, due to be completed by December 2013.

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