Latest news in biomethane for transport

Below we set out recent news on use of biomethane as transport fuel.

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At the start of the year the Department for Transport consulted on proposed amendments to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation Order (RTFO) and Motor Fuel Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations. Since then, DfT has been reviewing the responses we received.

Earlier in the year Biogas Channel interviewed me regarding the proposed reforms to the scheme. Watch the video below for my views on the proposals to:

  • Establish long term targets to 2030 to provide industry certainty;
  • Create a sub target for the contribution of advanced 'development fuels'; and,
  • Set a sustainable contribution from crop derived fuels to encourage further fuels from waste.


Guidance for Year 10 of the RTFO

DfT has updated its guidance for the new year of the RTFO, you can access this here. New guidance would have to be issued in place of these rules if changes are introduced into the scheme.

The main changes of relevance to the AD industry include clarifications on:

  • The treatment of gaseous fuels transported via a grid system; and
  • Payment of fuel duty.

New guidance and an updated tool for calculating carbon savings in line with the RTFO has also been issued, in light of the year 10 guidance. You can access this here.


Competition for funding

DfT is committed to supporting innovation in low carbon transport and has allocated £20m for the Future Fuels for Flight and Freight Competition. The project will look for major demonstration projects providing transformative solutions with the objectives being to:

  • Increase production of low carbon fuels that can reduce emissions from the hard-to-decarbonise HGV and aviation sectors; and,
  • Stimulate investment and create jobs through the development of a strong UK industry.

The competition will therefore operate in two stages; Stage One (Project Development) and Stage Two (Capital Funding). Stage One is open to applications between 27 April and 30 June 2017.

For more informaiton and the eligiblity criteria click here.


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