LEC and partners awarded NERC funding

Researchers from ADBA member Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) and Engineering, in collaboration with Stopford Energy and Environment, the James Hutton Institute and Aqua Enviro (also an ADBA member), have just been awarded funding from NERC under the Resource Recovery from Waste research programme to investigate the applicability of wastes from bioenergy generation for use as soil conditioners and fertilisers.

The aim of this research - discussed in a previous blog here - is to modify by-products derived from anaerobic digestion and biomass to energy plants into a new, safe and sustainable source of nutrients for agricultural application, thereby reducing pressure on natural resources and developing a new market for problematic by-products of the bioenergy industry. The full economic cost of the project is in excess of £800,000 over three years and represents an excellent collaboration between academia and industry to address some of the major challenges facing food and energy security.

This project will be based in the UK; however, exciting global applications are anticipated and the consortium hope to develop the R&D for international markets with forthcoming European funding.

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