MEMBER PRESS RELEASE - CooperOstlund adopts digital oil sampling

CooperOstlund adopts digital oil sampling 

CooperOstlund, the UK’s leading provider of gas engine specification and maintenance services, has partnered with Lubetrend to provide clients nationwide with a completely digital oil sampling process.  

Via Lubetrend’s bespoke app platform, engineers can digitally scan engine oil samples before sending them off for analysis – reducing paperwork and eliminating inaccuracies. Once analysed, the results are accessible via the app and can be logged for ongoing comparison requirements.

Alongside improving processing speeds, digitising sampling allows CooperOstlund’s engineers to quickly access oil condition reports. This provides faster data analysis for the customer, which can prove vital when dealing with a serious engine issue.

Tim Broadhurst, Chief Commercial Officer at CooperOstlund, commented: “Partnering with Lubetrend to digitise our oil sampling capability is the latest step in an ongoing programme of activity to further improve service capability for clients across the UK. 

“The app will speed up our oil analysis process and provide a comprehensive log for ongoing comparison. All in all, a highly effective tool for our engineers.”

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