MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: CooperOstlund director appointed to the ADBA Advisory Board

Johan Ostlund, director at CooperOstlund, has been appointed to the Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) Advisory Board in recognition for his

expertise and services to the sector. Comprising leading figures from across industry and government, the board is responsible for delivering a comprehensive strategy for the future of AD.

Going forward, Johan will play an instrumental role in advising the Board about key industry developments and feedback to regulatory change. Representing the UK’s leading gas engine specifier and maintenance provider, he will also share best practice from some of the country’s most renowned AD sites.

Commenting on his appointment, Johan said:

Being asked to join the ADBA Advisory Board is a noteworthy achievement – not just on a personal level, but for CooperOstlund as a business. ADBA is a driving force in shaping the UK AD industry, so having the opportunity to put forward insight will prove highly valuable.

Johan joins other thought leaders from the envirotech industry, including Chris Huhne and representatives from The Environment Agency. Johan added:

As a progressive sector, with huge future growth potential, initiatives such as the ADBA Advisory Board will help to bring together knowledge and expertise from influencers nationwide. By doing so, we can ensure the industry continues to progress, while embracing the latest innovations and opportunities.

CooperOstlund provides design, installation and maintenance services for anaerobic digestion (AD) sites nationwide. The company guarantees a dynamic and cost-effective solution for clients operating across the green energy sector, helping the UK to meet its renewable energy targets and pave the way for a carbon-free future.



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CooperOstlund ( is the UK’s leading gas engine specification and maintenance expert. Providing design, installation and servicing for anaerobic digestion (AD) sites nationwide, the company guarantees a dynamic and cost-effective solution for clients operating across the green energy sector.

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