MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Ductor launch new AD chicken manure treatment technology

Ductor fermentation technology enables the removal of over 60% of the nitrogen contained in organic waste materials. Ductor fermentation technology prevents ammonia inhibition in biogas production. 

The microbiological removal process takes place before biogas production. This is done by adding one fermentation step prior to biogas fermentation as well as a nitrogen stripping unit. Ductor's patented microbiological innovation enables utilisation of high-nitrogen-content organic wastes as feedstock for biogas production. With Ductor's technology the customer is able to harness the power of underutilised and high-nitrogen biomasses such as chicken manure.

The first biogas plant equipped with Ductor's nitrogen and phosphorous recovery technology was installed in Finland in 2016. 

Learn how to unlock the potential of nitrogen-rich feedstock for biogas production with Ductor technology! Please come and visit us in Finland and/or ask us to visit you in the UK!

Contact information:

Minna Leppikorpi

Director, Marketing and Business Development

Phone: +358 40 849 5000


Ductor Oy ( is a Finnish biotechnology enterprise established in 2009. Ductor's innovations serve biogas production for nitrogen control and process stabilisation as well as nutrient recycling.

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