MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Geotech customer feedback continues to improve user experience

Geotech is due to roll out its latest firmware upgrades to its 5000 platform of portable gas analysers for landfill and biogas monitoring.  Based on customer feedback and continuous improvement, Geotech is eager to share the benefits that the latest upgrades offer to landfill and biogas plant operators using Geotech’s GA5000, GEM5000 and BIOGAS 5000 analysers.  The positive news for users is all these upgrades are free and they can be done without having to return the analyser to Geotech, with a simple download available on the website.

From anaerobic digestion projects to landfill operatives, Geotech’s customers’ sites vary in size and their reporting requirements differ greatly.  Taking this into account the latest software has made it easier and quicker for users to keep track of their daily monitoring routes.  Users can load pre-defined routes which guide them from point to point, making the task of organising and using IDs much easier, particularly for multiple sites.  This feature aims to reduce the risk of data errors and enables other colleagues to comfortably use the pre-defined routes set within the analyser.  Users now have more ID questions and characters available to them meaning that they can program in more precise, site-specific questions to support their unique monitoring requirements.

The font size of the IDs has also increased for easier reading in the field, alongside extra subtleties such as the unit crossing out IDs once a reading has been taken.  Also new is the ability to set optimum target parameters on the GEM5000 for gas, flow, temperature and pressure, further enriching the user experience, for example setting a 57%-60% notification on CH4.

These are just some of the long line of software updates that have been introduced to GA platform users, which have been a key focus of Geotech’s NPI (New Product Introduction) team over the past 12 months.  In its four years, the platform has introduced over 600 firmware improvements, mostly as a response to customer requests.  The 5000 platform is known for its robustness and reliability; its technology is also adaptive and flexible for its users all around the world.  Perhaps that it why since the platform’s launch four years ago, Geotech has sold over 3000 portable units into 60 countries.

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