MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Malaby Biogas welcomes Julie Girling MEP on a fact finding tour of Bore Hill

Thomas Minter Director of Malaby Biogas hosted a visit to the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester by Julie Girling MEP for the South West and Gibraltar. This innovative and award-winning renewable energy business is at the forefront of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology development. Bore Hill Farm Biodigester provides a combined waste disposal and energy generation solution in one safe, clean and highly-efficient process.

Malaby Biogas is extremely proud of their highly-efficient plant which has under gone significant process improvements since it opened in 2012. An ongoing program of innovation and optimisation make it extremely efficient and very low impact. The Bore Hill Farm facility sets the benchmark for future renewable energy developments which can be integrated into local communities to help reduce the carbon footprint by using waste to create green energy for local use.

To date the facility has processed more than 35,000 tonnes of food waste, generated over 13,000 MW of renewable electricity and provided over 33,000 tonnes of nutrient rich low-carbon fertiliser to local farmers. The electricity is exported into the local grid network and used locally as a replacement for fossil fuel or nuclear generated power. Malaby designed, constructed and operates the digestion plant on the A36 south of Warminster, Wiltshire using local business and labour and employs local personnel to run the plant.

Julie Girling was impressed at the technological processes involved and the expertise of the staff on site. Thomas Minter is a member of a number of industry working groups helping to build standards and skills in the new green economy.

Over 100 million tonnes of food is wasted annually in the EU (2014 estimate) and is expected to rise to about 126 million tonnes by 2020. Julie Girling said:

It is fascinating to see what happens to some of the food waste and that this the site can power up to 3000 local homes. Whilst we must continue to strive to reduce food waste to zero, food that is wasted mustn't be sent to landfill sites but should be used again in AD biodigesters like this.

Thomas Minter said:

we were pleased to see Julie take such a genuine interest in our business and recognise what we have achieved in building a new industry. We are very proud of our local roots and being able to make such a difference to reducing Warminster’s carbon footprint is extremely satisfying. We are a model plant from a technical and environmental point of view and her support for the innovative work we do is very gratifying.

The visitors centre is available for tours of the site by prior arrangement and to date over 1,000 people have visited the facilty to learn about the process and wider sustainability matter.

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