MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: MSE Hiller working to reduce contaminants in digestate

MSE Hiller has been working with several AD plant operators to help reduce the amount of plastics and oversize contaminants in digestate.

This is essential for many plants to meet the testing quality requirements of PAS 110 for use of the digestate as a fertiliser and in land application.

Following trials at a major AD plant in Scotland using one of our Smicon MAS screw filter units the plastics content was found to be reduced significantly by use of a MAS unit with a typical screen size of 3mm.

The MAS units can be installed on either raw feed screening or on post digested screening applications.

As a direct result of the trials two units were installed.

Flow rates of 1 to 30 m3ph can be achieved depending on the sludge and solids contamination level and the solids are discharged through a compacting cone at pressure to produce a high level of dry solids typically 50 %.

The solids which comprise of any oversize material and plastics simply drop out the end of the MAS unit and can be conveyed to a skip or trailer for removal from site.

As well as the benefit of cleaner sludge by removal of oversize particles, the units also significantly reduce wear & tear and any maintenance downtime required on subsequent plant and equipment such as pumps pipework mixers and macerators.

The MAS filter unit is low energy / power requirement (2.2kW) and can be totally enclosed.

The units are suitable for either a Gravity feed or a pumped supply.

Screen cleaning is by mechanical means and no additional water, chemicals - coagulants / polyelectrolytes/ flocculants are needed.

Smicon MAS filter units are supplied in the UK by MSE Hiller who also offer a range of centrifuges for digestate treatment.

For further information contact:

Huw Thomas


T  01246 861166
F  01246 823639

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