MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: new Larrington Hopper Shredder offers more surface area for more gas

At Larrington Green Energy, a division of Larrington Trailers, we have been developing a new unique shredding technology born from several decades of sales and production of straw shredders and straw removers for covering carrots and strawberry crop.

We have adapted designed and innovated proven technology and patented these new ideas and built a unique shredder than creates more surface area, to create more biogas, more easily, and helping to reduce fibrous blockages in digesters.

Co-digestion of low cost grasses and straw mixed with manure and slurry can be efficiently shredded along with Maize, Sugar Beet, potatoes and root crops.

We are able to convert vegetables, fruit, energy crop and animal waste into a product that has a consistency that enzymes can get to more easily and are continuing to develop our technology which we would like to share with you in these videos.

We are currently able to demonstrate our shredder on your site, if you are interested please call or email. 

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