National Grid acknowledges AD 40 TWh potential figure

AD potential


In its Future Energy Scenarios planning document published today the National Grid uses ADBA’s figure of 40 TWh as the potential for biomethane. They say 4 billion cubic metres of biomethane could be produced. This equates to 40 TWh - the figure ADBA have been using for some time as to the potential for the industry using currently available technology. It is excellent news that a leading industry firm has recognised the potential for AD.





There is less good news in their view on power-to-gas: National Grid doesn’t recognise this as yet having any potential. They do discuss the electrolysis of water but then assume the hydrogen would be used in the grid itself, rather than being converted via biomethanation into biomethane. The UK has a leading research base on this technology so should be considered. We will seek to highlight this potential to National Grid.


National Grid say:


“…hydrogen can be produced with electrolysis and could take advantage of excess supply from renewables like wind and solar. The electricity is used to convert water into hydrogen and oxygen. Currently, however, this is not a very economic use of this spare capacity.


“Once made, the hydrogen could be injected into the current gas distribution system in small quantities (up to 2% by volume) which would effectively lower the carbon intensity of the gas from the grid. However issues need to be addressed with appliances being adapted to utilise hydrogen effectively.”


We say that up to 26 TWh of biomethane could be produced from the technology if required.



Electricity, heat and transport sectors


The document reminds us of some of the assumptions the industry is working under:

  • Falling power output from coal plants
  • The need for gas power up to 2050 (with carbon capture and storage in a ‘green’ scenario)
  • Big increases in nuclear in the 2030s if carbon targets are to be met
  • Increasing use of electric vehicles and gas vehicles if carbon targets are to be met
  • Increasing use of heat pumps if carbon targets are to be met 

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