New crusher to launch at UK AD & Biogas


LIMATOR04A new AD crusher is being launched at this year’s UK AD & Biogas trade show by shredder specialists Mach Tech Services.

The Limator is suitable for the high volume, low energy processing of waste materials and foods for biogas and anaerobic digestion plants.

The machine is a versatile modular impact crusher, designed to improve gas yield by breaking up renewable resources, waste and foods as part of the anaerobic digestion process, to produce bio gas.

The source materials are broken down both by movable crushing plates and crusher tools, and the momentum of the rotating materials. The Limator can be operated continuously or in batch-processing mode, and can be fitted with a double-wall crusher bin, allowing the substrates to be easily pre-heated or cooled.

The Limator has been constructed by award-winning Lindner Recyclingtech of Austria. Mach Tech Services Ltd is the sole distributor of Lindner machinery in the UK and Eire.

Martin Davies, Sales Manager for Mach Tech Services said:

“This is a fantastic addition to our already extensive range of Lindner machinery and we are really excited about launching it at the ADBA show. It’s an amazing piece of machinery.”

The Limator is suitable for the high volume, low energy processing of a range of materials including renewable resources and bio-energy crops, maize and grass, silage roots and bulbs, green waste and feed remains, straw and foliage, manure from livestock farming, expired food, slaughterhouse waste, liquid manure and chicken droppings.

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