Projections for the UK AD and biogas market in 2013/14

The UK AD market has seen considerable growth in the last 12 months with 110 plants now in operation outside of the water sector and the rate of growth increasing during the year. This increase is set to continue with 73 plants having received planning permission and awaiting construction, 15 already under construction and a further 41 awaiting planning approval. With the average AD project awarding between 200 to 300 contracts that means there are potentially 38,700 contracts up for grabs in 2013/14. Will be you one of the companies winning this new business?

Ahead of our upcoming trade show UK AD & Biogas 2013, we’re taking a closer look at the status of the current UK AD market and its projected growth for 2013/14:

What is the current status of the UK AD market?

  • There are now 110 AD plants outside of the water sector
  • Of these 110 plants:

45 plants use agricultural feedstocks

48 plants treat food waste from sources such as supermarkets and households

17 plants are based on industrial sites and treat on-site waste

  • In the last year there has been a 46% growth rate in the size of the sector. Of which 75% has been commissioned since October 2012
  • The UK’s AD sector has the capacity to process around 5 million tonnes of food and farm wastes each year
  • The UK’s AD sector is very diverse – the treatment capacity of the UK’s plants ranges from 80 to 120,000 tonnes/annum and output capacity from to 6,000 kWe 

Projected growth in the UK AD market in 2013/14

  • 73 AD plants have received planning permission and 15 are already under construction (up to May 2013) with a further 41 in the planning process
  • This is expected to create approximately 38,700 new AD contracts
  • There are 10-15 biomethane to grid projects in the pipeline for 2013
  • More investment is coming into the sector – more EIS funds are being set up to fund AD plants, the Asset Finance market is showing greater interest in AD and work with banks is on-going to help make them more proactive with their secured lending – find out more on our finance page
  • Financial incentives are available such as FiT and RHI – find out more about financial incentives

Take part in the UK’s only AD and biogas trade show

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