RHI biogas support above 200 kW open for applications


Welcoming today’s news [28 May] on extended support through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) ADBA chief executive Charlotte Morton said:

We are delighted that government has today confirmed that biogas installations commissioned from 4 December 2013 with a thermal capacity over 200 kW are now able to apply for Renewable Heat Incentive support.


This is something we have long called for. AD projects using CHP have the potential to deliver heat to a wide range of potential users, including industrial processes at sites like distilleries and factories, farming processes and community or domestic buildings.


Biogas is an extremely low-carbon energy source, and this support will help meet the costs of making good use of heat. We are disappointed that support will not be available to existing plants which also need funding to make use of the heat they generate, as this would be an easy way to help deliver the UK’s renewable heat targets.

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