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Exciting phosphorus innovation at Severn Trent

Severn Trent has announced that it is evaluating six technologies to reduce phosphorus in its waste water.  Working with partners at Packington STW in Leicestershire, Severn Trent is currently evaluating: Pile Cloth Media Filtration; Membrane Filtration; Ballasted Coagulation; Nano-particle Embedded Ion Exchange; Immobilised Algal Bioreactor; and Absorption Media Reed…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Severn Trent to optimise Anaerobic Process Control with AnaSense technology

Severn Trent (UK) has recently completed a successful introduction of a novel monitoring technology for anaerobic digesters at the Spernal Sewage Treatment Works (STW), located to the southeast of Redditch, treating most of central, northern and eastern areas of the town. The monitoring technology, called AnaSense®,…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: NEC food leftovers power Coleshill sewage treatment works

If you’ve ever eaten at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham there’s every chance your leftovers, potato peelings and more, could be powering Severn Trent’s sewage treatment works at Coleshill. The NEC has become one of the first local businesses to send its…

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