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European Commission recognises opportunity to cut carbon in food production through AD

The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has released a detailed report on the carbon footprint of food production, specifically recognising that anaerobic digestion on farms and food production sites can play a significant role in making food supply chains more sustainable. You can read the full report…

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Get involved in our new ‘case for crop feedstocks’


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In 2011, we published a Case for Crop Feedstocks in AD with CLA, NFU, NNFCC and REA. That document was designed to demonstrate the role that crops for AD can play to support discussion around the AD Strategy and Action Plan, and government policy in general. From this autumn, sustainability criteria…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: new Larrington Hopper Shredder offers more surface area for more gas

At Larrington Green Energy, a division of Larrington Trailers, we have been developing a new unique shredding technology born from several decades of sales and production of straw shredders and straw removers for covering carrots and strawberry crop. We have adapted designed and innovated proven technology and patented these new…

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