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A must-sea: using seaweed for the generation of biogas


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Last week I attended the latest SeaGas event, a project which has – among many other achievements – grown and harvested the largest crop of seaweed in the UK to date. SeaGas is a three year, fully funded project (InnovateUK) to support the development of an AD process which would…

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Role for macroalgae in AD: part of the £100bn bioeconomy?

Two new research papers on use of macroalgae (seaweed) for use in AD have been published.  The first of these, "Bio-methane potential test (BMP) using inert gas sampling bags with macroalgae feedstock", outlined the biogas potential from certain strands of algae and gave the following useful results: "Dried laminaria…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: CPI launches project to produce biomethane from seaweed through AD

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has announced that it is leading a £2.78 million UK based collaboration to help strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader in industrial biotechnology.  The three year project - ‘SeaGas’ - is working on producing biomethane from seaweed…

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Three research projects on seaweed/macroalgae for AD

A research paper has just been published on using seaweed for biofuels, including for biomethane production. Professor Jerry D Murphy of University College Cork and others conducted the research "to assess the effect of ensiling of seaweed (5 species) on  biomethane production." The results can be found here. Much…

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