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Have your say on AD training: new draft syllabus and ADBA’s training plans


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ADBA is keen to support the provision of high quality training within the AD sector, to ensure that the operation of AD plants is undertaken safely and competently, and that a high level of operational performance is delivered. We are happy to support  work within the industry towards this…

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Operators: contribute to AD & Bioresources News: Safety First

Contributing to our bi-monthly magazine, AD & Bioresources News, is a great way of strengthening your reputation within the industry as well as highlighting the industry issues which you feel are most important. We are currently looking for operators to contribute an article for the Safety…

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Welcome to the latest issue of AD & Bioresources News: ‘Raising the bar on safety and performance’

Upcoming election and raising the bar on safety and performance With May’s election drawing ever closer we must ask ourselves what a new government is likely to mean for the industry and how we can best encourage policy which acknowledges the varied benefits of AD. Our Foreword on…

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ADBA member National Skills Academy target skills to support future of UK AD sector

ADBA MEMBER PRESS RELEASE Working in conjunction with bioeconomy consultants, NNFCC, the National Skills Academy Process Industries has launched a one-day training module aimed at the UK’s growing anaerobic digestion (AD) industry. The course is the first in a series being planned by the Academy to upskill workers in…

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