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R&I Hub Speakers Announced

We are delighted to have a broad range of speakers at the Research and Innovation (R&I) Hub. We have 17 speakers covering various topics from optimising the AD process, how chemicals from AD could be used, advances in pre-treatment, On-farm AD, digesting the indigestable, how to maimise nutrient efficiency.…

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Research & Innovation Hub Programme Confirmed

We are delighted to say that the Research & Innovation (R&I) hub programme has now been confirmed. We have an excellent line up of speakers over the two days, you will hear about the following topics: Optimising the AD process: every little helps The AD sector needs to…

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Innovate UK invest £15 million in R&D: Funding Competition

Innovate UK are investing £15million into innovative R&D Projects. This investment is to aid the development of new products, processes and services with commercial potential. It is also designed to enhance UK competitiveness, growth and to improve national productivity.  Innovate UK are looking for leading business…

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RHI Update: DECC Confirm July Degression of 15%


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DECC released an update of the RHI scheme which states that, on 1st July 2016, both biomethane and biogas will see a 15% degression as shown below: Technology Category Existing Tariff (p/kWh) Degression (%) New Tariff for installations on or after 1st July 2016 (p/kWh) Biomethane Tier 1: First 40,000MWh, 5.35 Tier 2: Next 40,000MWh, 3.14 …

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Industry and Parliament Meet: South London Visit

A month into my new role at ADBA, I went on my first site visit to an Anaerobic Digestion plant in South London (Mitcham). I was looking forward to the visit as I love technology and find renewables fascinating. I genuinely find it incredible how waste can be turned into…

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Agri-food Innovation in Turkey – The Newton Fund Opportunities

Agri-food Innovation in Turkey – The Newton Fund is now open A small farm in Turkey. Image credit: Yavuz Sariyildiz / The Newton Fund Innovate UK is to invest up to £1.5M for UK participants developing innovative solutions to tackle challenges within the agri-food sector in Turkey. Innovate…

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Call for Papers: Research & Innovation Hub Deadline

Research & Innovation Hub: Call for Papers Deadline: 20th May, 1pm In just over a week, the Reasearch & Innovation (R&I) Hub will be closing for this years potential speakers. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to let the AD & Biogas industry know about your research.…

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Southampton University’s Free Research, Industry and Career Events

AD Net have been busy organisation two interesting events over the next few months. There is one is May, which brings together industry and academia, and one in July which focuses on research.  To have your digestate microbial profile analysed or to meet experts from industry and research, then…

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