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BEIS eye up food waste


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At the kind invitation of members, over the last few weeks ADBA has arranged for 25 civil servants to visit AD plants. Last week a group from BEIS, including staff working on the FIT and CfD visited Agrivert’s West London plant. The plant is 2.4MWe, takes 39,000 tonnes of food…

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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Agrivert achieves first power at 2 of the last food waste plants to be built

Agrivert announces successful completion of G59 (first electricity supply to grid) at its two latest Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facilities; securing their tariffs for the next 20 years. The two new plants in South Wales and North London will strengthen the network of food waste facilities that Agrivert operate to a total…

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Clarke Energy speeds Agrivert in producing renewable power in Oxfordshire

ADBA MEMBER PRESS RELEASE Clarke Energy is assisting Agrivert to produce renewable energy from Oxfordshire Council’s waste. Agrivert’s new Wallingford Anaerobic digestion facility is helping to deliver a sustainable solution to both waste treatment and renewable energy production in Oxfordshire. The anaerobic digester processes food waste collected from…

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