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MEMBER’S PRESS RELEASE: Revolutionary technology by Ductor® commissioned in Tuorla, Finland

The first biogas plant equipped with Ductor’s nitrogen and phosphorus recovery technology was put into use in Tuorla late November 2016. The size of the Ductor fermenter at the demonstration plant is 80 m3, and with Ductor’s process the plant is capable of treating 1,400 tons of poultry manure…

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Digestate phosphorus - £113k pa operational cost savings and income of £20k

Two research papers have been published on the extraction of phosphorus from digestate and use in agriculture. Phosphate rock is included in the EU list of ‘critical raw materials’ and is ranked 20th in an index of commodity price volatility, so is an important food security as…

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New European Commission research on phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge

The European Union's research and innovation unit are conducting research on 10 new technologies that can extract phosphorus from sewage sludge. Currently only 2,000-3,000 tonnes of struvite (a phosphorus-rich mineral) are produced in the EU each year, while sewage sludge contains the potential to supply 20% of the EU's phosphorus…

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Circular economy package signals huge opportunity for resource management agenda

The European Commission has launched a 12 week public consultation on its proposed Circular Economy package, which aims to establish a competitive, resource-efficient economy. As one of the few circular economy technologies already functioning, anaerobic digestion (AD) will take a leading role in resource-efficient policy. Commenting on the technology’s…

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EU examining sustainable phosphorus use


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The European Union is consulting on the sustainable use of phosphorus, which presents an excellent opportunity to make the case that digestate generated in the AD process allows critical nutrients, such as phosphorus, to be returned to land to support food production. The consultation document notes that “supplies are limited…

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