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Core processors: will your next smartphone be made from food waste?

Anaerobic digestion (AD) already generates some of the electricity that recharges many of our smartphones, however, exciting new R&D led by an EU project, called PlasCarb, could soon see AD generating the graphene technology that both stores and maximises the power in your smartphone. PlasCarb is currently researching…

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Will R&D double or quadruple the potential of the AD industry?

ADBA R&D Forum: 14-15 April, Southampton ADBA has already estimated that the UK AD industry has the potential to produce 40TWh of biomethane each year, over 10% of domestic gas demand, and at next month’s R&D Forum we will challenge the industry to consider whether…

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Government aspires to £100bn bioeconomy

In a cross-departmental policy paper released yesterday, the Government has highlighted the economic and environmental potential of the emerging bioeconomy, estimated by last year’s House of Lords Science and Technology Committee report, ‘Waste or resource? Stimulating a Bioeconomy’, to be worth £100 billion. In particular, the…

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DECC-funded project to support bird habitats and energy objectives

Two years ago DECC awarded £1m funding to a project that aimed to use waste reeds and rushes from wetland nature reserves for bioenergy: either through AD or direct biomass combustion. The results of that are starting to come through. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds …

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WRAP publish digestate research update and video


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The latest edition of WRAP's DC-Agri project bulletin is now available here. This bulletin quantifies a number of the benefits of compost use, and also links to a short video for farmers and agronomists on how to use digestate as a renewable fertiliser, which is available directly here:…

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Welcome to the latest issue of AD & Biogas News: 'Building a world class AD industry - A lo

There is no doubt that the UK’s anaerobic digestion industry is growing rapidly and has seen encouraging progress in recent years. However, whilst the rate of industry growth is positive, performance across the sector varies considerably. In our guest foreword (p.3) Adrian Judge from the Green Investment Bank (GIB)…

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What topics will our R&D Forum speakers present?

We asked our speakers at the ADBA R&D Forum (12-13 November, Gisborough Hall Hotel, North Yorkshire) to give us a quick snapshot on what they will be speaking about. Here are some of their responses:Dr Mary Dimambro, Managing Director, Cambridge Eco Ltd Novel uses for digestates: Brownfield…

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