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ADBA Chief Executive meets Michael Gove at DEFRA Roundtable


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Charlotte Morton put forward our ideas to influence the forthcoming Resource and Waste Strategy this week at a roundtable discussion hosted by the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove. The roundtable saw discussion of a number of topics including opportunities for innovation and how to drive sustained action involving the government, the…

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Resource Management Industry sets out its top priorities for the next Government

The Trade Association Group, an umbrella body comprising the main organisations in the UK’s waste and resource management sector, today set out its top priorities for the next government. The Group’s statement reads as follows: We believe that improvements in resource efficiency – the way in…

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Green gas industry could quadruple with new RHI budget - ADBA forecast

The £1.15 billion allocation for the RHI budget by 2021, announced during the Chancellor’s Spending Review statement last week, could support the construction of an additional 140 biomethane plants – a fourfold increase on current numbers and with the combined potential to heat almost 500,000 homes. The data, released today…

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New ADBA Board appointments reflect diverse sector interests

ADBA has announced three new board members to support and enhance the trade body’s representation and knowledge base in the burgeoning anaerobic digestion market. ADBA is the UK's only trade body specifically representing the AD market and has around 350 members. In the last five years the…

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Waste & resource management sector sets out its policy priorities for the next Government

The UK’s most influential representative bodies for the resource and waste management sector have written to the main political parties in England summarising the key policy proposals that they would like to see implemented after the May 2015 general election. A joint statement from the six bodies that make…

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