Three Tamar Energy sites in commissioning to add 6 MW to UK's AD capacity


Three anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities from Tamar Energy with a combined capacity of 6 MW have completed construction and are entering the commissioning phase at locations across the UK.

Construction has progressed as planned and the three plants have received the “seeding” feedstock which signals that the final steps are underway in the commissioning process. The first wave of Tamar Energy’s network of AD plants remains on track to be fully operational and accepting food, farm and other organic feedstock in early 2014. Commissioning is typically a three month process that includes all safety checks and brings the plant up to fully operational levels.

The three plants in commissioning are:

  • Basingstoke, Hampshire –Tamar Energy’s first operational plant will process around 30,000 tonnes of food waste and be capable of producing 1.5 MW of renewable energy
  • Holbeach Hurn, Lincolnshire – Processing up to 30,000 tonnes of vegetable waste per annum, Holbeach is expected to produce 1.5 MW of ‘green’ energy
  • Retford, Nottinghamshire – Retford will process maize, manure and other agricultural food waste and will generate up to 3 MW.

Together, these plants make Tamar Energy one of the country’s largest AD operators, and represent the first stage in its plans for a nationwide network of around 40 plants in the next five years.

Alan Lovell, Tamar Energy chairman and chief executive, said:

It’s fantastic to see our first facilities reach this milestone, as the culmination of two years of hard work by our team. It’s a great achievement for everyone involved in the company to have got to this point so rapidly, and is a sign of our commitment to the future of AD here in the UK.

As well as the three plants now in commissioning, Tamar Energy has a number of other sites in the advance stages of development, including sites in Bromley, Hoddesdon in Hertfordshire, Ramsbottom near Bury, and Evercreech in Somerset.

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