Urgent: RHI biogas and biomethane plants – action needed on tariff uplift by 22 June

Following the coming into force of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariff uplifts, Ofgem has been sending out reminders directly to biogas/biomethane applicants who are eligible for a tariff uplift. Several applicants are yet to respond - but urgent action must be taken. 

As part of the 22nd May 2018 RHI regulation changes, biogas and biomethane installations with a date of accreditation between the 14th December 2016 and the 21st May 2018 are eligible for their tariffs to be uplifted as of the 22nd May, subject to certain conditions. These conditions vary for biogas heat and biomethane plants and have been detailed in option letters sent to all affected applicants and participants.
Ofgem has notified us that there are a number of applicants/ participants who have not replied to the option letter and a round of reminders were sent out on the 18th June 2018 highlighting the cut-off date of 22nd June 2018 by which applicants/ participants must respond if they do want the uplift. A null response will result in no tariff uplift being applied.
If you wish to receive the tariff uplift (subject to relevant conditions) please ensure that you respond to Ofgem by the 22nd June 2018. If you have any questions or believe that you have not received the options letter from Ofgem when you should have please contact the Ofgem enquiries line on 0300 003 2289.
If you have any questions on the above please get in touch with Ofgem or the ADBA Policy Team.

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