WRAP offer new support to AD operators

WRAP are now offering support for AD operators looking to develop secure markets or outlets for their digestate. Up to 5 days one to one support is available to AD operators either getting started, or for those who have already made some inroads. This is a WRAP funded pilot.

What is the aim?

  • To ensure operators being supported learn the benefits of effective digestate management and planning i.e. gain a thorough understanding of the potential market(s), end user requirements, features and benefits of their own products etc.
  • To develop the skills and knowledge to produce a product and service that the end market wants.
  • To review potential digestate outlets and markets specifically available to AD operators.
  • To increase the volume of PAS 110 digestate products sold/used in the UK by assisting AD operators to produce a fit for purpose product and effectively market/dispatch it to local agriculture and/or other markets.
  • Ultimately to improve the standard of digestate management and market planning across the AD industry in the UK.

Find out more

The support provided could cover market assessment, engagement with nearby agri outlets, developing a business strategy for digestate, development of market specific information and materials, logistical needs for servicing outlets/markets and anything else the AD operator requires to ensure robust outlets are developed or increased.

The support is initially available to PAS 110 (or those working towards this) AD operators. Simply fill out the form and email it to by Friday 28 February at the latest. The support is being delivered by WRM Ltd. on behalf of WRAP.

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