Best Practice Checklists

These Best Practice Checklists are designed to provide a helpful and accessible guide to best practice, signposting existing regulatory requirements, guidance and tools relevant to the AD industry. In the longer term, as well as being useful guides in their own right, they will also provide a structure for the certification scheme that will be developed in the second phase of our project.

We have produced a booklet that explains the scheme – click here to download it.

The initial set of checklists cover three topics that industry stakeholders have identified as priority areas, which are:

  • Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Operational Performance

Below is a summary of each checklist, explaining why it is so important to achieve a high standard in each of these aspects of developing and operating an AD plant. You can also download the full checklists by clicking on the links.

Risk Management

Ensuring the safety of employees and the public, and the protection of the environment, must be a priority when undertaking any activity that could result in their harm. The potential risks involved in the construction and operation of an AD plant are significant, but can be managed by putting in place suitable design features and operating procedures. The structure of the risk management checklist reflects the various stages in the development of an AD project and ultimately encourages putting in place a framework for controlling operational risks, embracing a holistic approach to risk management.

Click here to download ‘Best Practice Checklist: Risk Management’.


To build and run an AD plant, plant owners, operators and developers make many procurement decisions. These items may be critical components of the digestion process itself; required for processing feedstock, digestate or gas; or they may be required for safety, staff welfare or environmental protection purposes. Items range from relatively cheap equipment such as gas monitors and safety vests, to major purchases, such as a CHP engine. In most cases external services, such as ongoing maintenance for engines, must also be obtained. The checklist explains the key considerations to ensure that items purchased are safe, fit for purpose and compliant with UK legislation and standards. Following good procurement practice can make a huge contribution to achieving effective risk management and safety, environmental protection and operational performance.

Click here to download ‘Best Practice Checklist: Procurement’.

Operational Performance

For AD, the assessment of operational performance encompasses a range of measures including biogas quantity, digestate quality and compliance with UK legislation. A plant that performs well across these aspects will deliver a better return on investment and the operator will likely enjoy a more positive relationship with their regulators, insurers and funders. Our checklist provides guidance on how to monitor operational performance, as well as identifying the key factors in delivering a high-performing plant.

Click here to download ‘Best Practice Checklist: Operational Performance’.