Get involved with this project

Get involved

This project is an industry-led initiative. We need input from the industry throughout the delivery of the project and would be delighted to hear from any individual or organisation involved in the AD industry. We have already undertaken a significant level of consultation but will provide opportunities throughout for all to get involved, including those who are not ADBA members.

You can get involved by:

Stakeholder Meetings

We will hold stakeholder meetings that are open to all, at key stages in the scheme’s development. We held the first of these in May 2016 and it allowed us to have in-depth discussions on the scheme’s progress and the content of the best practice checklists. Keep an eye on the ADBA website or email Jess Allan and we will ensure we keep you in the loop. Jess’ email address is:

Operator Groups

ADBA facilitates both a Crop Operator Group and a Food Waste Operator Group, and these are open to non-members. These groups will play a key role in providing input and reviewing drafts. For further information on the groups, contact Alex Monks, ADBA’s Membership Development Manager, at

Training, Safety and Environment Working Group

ADBA runs a working group that focusses on the key issues relating to training, safety and environment. The group, which brings together operators, developers, consultants and others will provide a platform for discussing the scheme. Contact Jess for more information.

Attend ADBA events

Our events, such as our Regulatory Forum, Members’ Meetings and annual trade show and conference will involve opportunities to hear the latest on the scheme and for attendees to ask any questions. Note that some of these are member-only.