Who will benefit from membership of ADBA?

ADBA currently represents over 400 members from the anaerobic digestion and bioresources sector. Our members include AD operators, developers, equipment suppliers & manufacturers, consultants, colleges & universities, local authorities, food manufacturers, lawyers, financiers, utility companies and many more.

Are you:

Looking to build an AD plant?

ADBA offers advice on regulations, incentives and project finance, direct project support, finance advice, press support, regular updates on the latest policy and regulatory changes.

An Existing AD Operator?

Members of ADBA have full access to the Policy Team, who can assist with any problems or enquiries. Our Agri and Food Waste AD Operator Groups provide a forum to network and discuss current issues.

About to enter the UK AD market?

You can get direct access to the Who’s Who of the AD industry through our members’ meetings, working groups and AD events. Promote your business through our range of targeted platforms, including our online and printed Members’ Directory, speaking, visiting or exhibiting opportunities at ADBA and other industry events, magazine editorial and advertising, case studies and press releases on our website. In addition, you’ll receive reduced rates to all ADBA events, networking opportunities, information on UK regulations and the latest business opportunities and a first point of contact for any AD questions you might have.

Interested in sending your organic waste to AD?

Receive all the latest AD news, get access to ADBA’s members who provide collection services, appropriate case studies, member-only networking events, and reduced rates to all of ADBA’s events, as well as the chance to join our Feedstock working group to network with collection experts.

Looking for lobbying support?

Get the chance to feed in to ADBA’s consultation responses, liaise with our policy team, take part in any of our 13 working groups, opportunities to attend meetings with civil servants and Ministers, raise and debate key issues at our Members’ Meetings, liaise with key decision makers at member only meetings, and receive all the latest information about regulatory changes.

Looking for targeted sales and marketing opportunities in the AD sector?

Membership will give you access to a range of opportunities, including online and print directory listings, magazine editorial or case studies on the ADBA website, excellent networking opportunities, reduced rates to all ADBA events including UK AD & Biogas 2015 and the ADBA National Conference 2015.

Wanting to know how changes or opportunities in the AD industry could affect your business?

ADBA provides regular fortnightly updates, policy updates and event updates keeping you in the loop on changes that could affect your business. The team is also at the end of the phone to answer any of your AD questions.

ADBA is working hard to ensure you can profit today, while protecting tomorrow. Join us.